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How eXie works

What do I get from using eXie?

eXie lets you make a catalog of your content that makes its value as subject matter far more obvious, without needing to rearrange your current file storage.

How is this better than what I already have?

To actually curate and catalog well, eXie is usually simpler to use, with less impact on any files,  and no need to become a tools expert. Most tools don’t get as much done, unless they are more complicated, more expensive, or must be installed.

Does it work with my other apps?

eXie is designed to do its own job in a simple well-defined way on content that already exists, for users that are given access. The results of using eXie are web pages - that is, another type of content. eXie also has an API allowing other apps to be "users".

What does it take to start using it?

eXie is entirely online. First time users access eXie as if signing up for facebook. A couple of simple demos are on the homepage. It takes about 10 minutes to learn to use eXie correctly.

Does it alter my content?

When eXie is used on content, the content remains stored and "as is", wherever it is found. No editing of any kind is done to the content by eXie. eXie keeps track of how you decide to use the content as part of a catalog or portfolio made with eXie. eXie is not involved with any other use of the content that you intend.

Can I customize it?

For creating content views, using eXie can be based on supplied templates or on your own definitions, whichever you prefer. There are best practices worth following when you do not use templates. You can also easily define who can use the views, when, and how.

Does eXie support tablet and smartphones?

Not at this time. In order to use eXie and all of its capabilities requires a computer connected to the internet.

How my eXie Account Works

What happens if I stop using it?

If you let your eXie subscription expire: things that you made with eXie are sent to you if you request, or they are deleted within 60 days if you do not request them. It is possible to re-activate an expired account. It is not possible to suspend an account.

What should I avoid expecting or doing?

Cataloging and curating is all about being selective.  Content holders who do not want to be selective will not find eXie to be useful. People who need to work offline will not find eXie to be usable offline.

Can an eXie account be shared?

Any person providing a valid user ID and password will have access to the eXie work for that account. However, eXie is not designed to accept more than one login request at a time for the same account.

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