Privacy Policy

As an eXie account holder, your account is a private, exclusive relationship with the eXie company not involving any other parties except by your own agreement.

Use of the eXie online solution results in some personal information being maintained by eXie in the user account registration. All eXie accounts are private for the respective registered users.

Use of eXie also produces artifacts that reflect personal decisions made and recorded by the account holder. These artifacts are maintained online but within the eXie solution's secure network and furthermore within the account holder's private access.

There are no business operations of the eXie company that intend or require the eXie company to provide or exchange the personal information or artifacts of any eXie account holder to any party other than the account holder, with the exception of the following three actions:

  • properly maintaining or validating proofs of identity,
  • providing technical support of the account requested by the account holder,
  • and maintenance of the account holder's correct subscription status and terms of use.

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