eXie Terms of Service

Plain Language Summary

We provide eXie as a tool. Our goal as the provider is to make the tool available on a rental basis.

As the maker of eXie, we will refer hereafter to ourselves (the maker) as "We" in this Terms Of Service description.

Also, in this Terms Of Service description, We will refer hereafter to the eXie product as "the tool".

Tools are sometimes capable of being used for purposes other than what they were offered. A User of eXie must expect only that the tool will do:

  • Only what we explicitly offer it to do
  • During a paid rental
  • By a specified User

We provide the tool with explicit expectations about its usage and limits of its usage, in the following matters:

The remainder of this document supplies our current details about expectations in each of those matters.

Usages To Expect


You can rent the tool by having a paid active account on a subscription basis. We also call this a "paid subscription".

We call a specific paying subscriber a "User".

We call a former (currently non-paying) subscriber an "inactive User".

We pay for some temporary subscriptions, for some Users, so that the tool can be tried out before the User makes the decision  to pay for the subscription themselves. We decide how long the temporary subscription will be.


We provide an activation mechanism that allows the User to log into our online service that delivers the tool interface.

We assign an account to the User or to ourselves.

The account consists only of any enabling records that we keep specifically to allow the User to operate the tool as we prescribe, without assistance.

No other information is part of the account although other information may be part of the support or delivery mechanism

Other than ourselves, only a User that we have designated can have legal access to the account.


Our purpose and design of the tool usage is equivalent to creating and maintaining an address book online. The addresses are internet addresses for selected online locations of content.

The tool is designed and offered to help the User record, arrange, and categorize the addresses in order to facilitate finding them and displaying them, as recorded, per specific criteria on request, only by using the eXie tool interfaces.


The information generated by the tool allows the User to arrange and expose the online availability of content. The information generated by the User, if submitted in the tool's UI,  develops a saved record of the User's specific data about content.

The tool-generated information is independent of the User-decided information submitted. The user decisions recorded by using the tool are maintained by the tool for the purpose of allowing the User to refer to the User's own data about content.


The tool helps the User to share those decisions, at the User's discretion, with other users. The tool intends to provide help through specific functions offered in the tool's interface. We intend that information shared by the User at the User's discretion is  tracked by the tool for the purpose of confirming the initiation of sharing the correct information.


We expect that the User will take steps, independently of the tool, to make the addresses known and available to the User without the tool at all times.

We may offer, at our discretion, either controls in the User interface, or additional services outside of the User interface, to help the User independently maintain records of the addresses and arrangement of the addresses that have already been recorded in the tool by the User.


Information generated by the use of the tool is stored by the tool in a repository owned by us. Our repository is directly accessible to a User only through our prescribed use of the tool. A User can contact us directly about matters involving support of the User's access to our repository. We retain information in our repository as is necessary for supporting an active subscriber or for meeting legal requirements for conducting our intended business.


We offer the tool on the basis of our prescribed usage of the tool. The tool itself is our property.

Our prescribed usage of the tool is based on concepts and configurations that are our property. Users create instances of certain types of results. The instances are not our property.

We reserve the right to independently describe, promote and claim ownership of prescriptions for using the tool.  Our prescriptions include strategies and demonstrations that explicitly intend to exhibit our purposes of the tool.

A User of the tool cannot claim any part of the results as property except for an actual named version-controlled instance of included addresses as produced and recorded with the tool.

Aside from our property, all exhibitions of techniques of using the tool are property owned in common by all account holders of the tool.


The tool maintains a repository of user-submitted information. Information submitted in the tool's information repository by a given User is retained for that User's future and ongoing use of the tool. Use of that information is controlled by access enabled through validation of a person's account status with us.

Limits to Expect


The tool is not available for anonymous usage.

The tool is not available in forms other than the service  that we specify.


The tool is not available for usage by persons who cannot pass identity validation for an account that is activated by us.


Current functionality is not guaranteed to be unchanging. Except under terms of business agreements not described in this Terms Of Service, we may add or modify functions at our discretion without prior consent  or requests of other parties.


The tool is not designed to create,  nor detect, online addresses of interest to the User.

The tool is not designed to recover or report these addresses for the User in any way other than how we explicitly advertise controls of the subscriber's user interface.

The tool does not attempt to perform any of its explicitly intended beneficial functions by using internet addresses that are invalid or blocked due to formatting or security.


The tool neither intends nor is designed to manage the sharing a person's submitted information with any person who is not an active subscriber.

When User-decided information in the tool is shared by the User at the User's discretion, the tool neither tracks nor confirms the arrival of the shared information at the User-determined destination.

The tool does not restrict the number of attempts that the User can make to share the information by using the tool in our prescribed manner and purpose.


We expect no results, nor maintain any results, from the User activity of the tool other than from all  of the following together:

  • named instances of the address recording done with the tool's User Interface by the User,
  • as produced during either our offered trial usage or during the User's active subscription
  • and as saved for later retrieval by the tool's User Interface.


For a User with an active subscription: when the tool is not in active use, the tool does nothing about any of the recorded addresses.

For a user without an active subscription: when the tool is not in active use, the tool does not attempt at all to access any of the addresses that were recorded with the tool by the user, and the tool does not actively attempt to preserve the records for any later retrieval.

For accounts that are not active subscriptions, we neither intend nor attempt to retain information generated by a User who operated the tool. Information pertaining to inactive subscriptions or deactivated accounts may be removed by us from our repository at our discretion. Other than for business accountability or legal purposes, we have no obligation to reproduce information that has previously been stored in our repository.


We neither claim nor exercise any ownership of the User's results.

The tool is not designed, nor intended, to produce results of value to any party other than to the User.

We do not alter saved instances of User-generated results for the User, nor without the User.  We neither prescribe nor require that User-generated results be altered by any means other than by the User with our prescribed methods with the tool's interface.

The tool is not responsible for meeting any criteria for results other than correct functionality of each explicitly intended and offered capability that we provide through the tool's Interface.

Neither we nor the tool are responsible for preserving or providing the User's results for any reason other than to make the results available to the User during the  User's access through an active subscription.

Access to User's results is not protected by the tool in any way other than by our prescribed use of the tool.

We neither intend nor offer availability of the User's results of using the tool  to any other parties except by the User taking steps to make them available through our offered uses of the tool.


Any information submitted or produced in the tool by the User is associated directly with the User's account and is intended to be visible and modifiable only if the User uses the tool to access that information and do something with it.

We neither intend nor offer any privacy or confidentiality of the information generated by the tool usage except as provided through the authentication of the User identity when validated by us for access to the account.

We neither intend nor offer to exchange or transmit User-defined information in the tool's repository with any other party or system other than the party that is the information's originating User.

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