Cut your Content’s Hidden Costs


Organization is a lot like nutrition. Done well, it means that many other more noticeable things can get done – better, longer, and on demand. And it’s no small thing that fewer bad things will happen from lack of attention and preparation.

But organization takes effort, and making that effort easy requires a conscious decision to make it a habit.


What goes into the decision? First is better awareness…


Content Costs1


Those issues are pretty familiar. They don’t all necessarily happen at once, but everyone who needs to rely on using quality content runs into them at one time or another. The details are also pretty familiar… They have to do with the number of different ways we do things, and how often we either don’t make a decision or do change our minds.




And it’s human nature that will take over if we don’t decide to consciously manage things.




Not everyone will have the same problems to the same degree.

But, when people have problems with content, their problems can easily become a problem for other people too.

Dissatisfaction with the experience of handling content has several after-effects.

  • It discourages people from trying to use content effectively.
  • And, it lowers their expectations about what can be done with it.

Those two problems also lower the value of your own effort to make good quality content.


The easiest way to avoid paying the price of these problems is to invest in preventing them.

Luckily, the cost of the investment is dramatically less than the real costs of having the problems.


Any single occasion like any of the following can cost more than prevention.

  • Not getting (or giving) the right content on time
  • Using the wrong content unknowingly
  • Having to unexpectedly repeat work already done


And maintaining problem prevention means you don’t have to solve them over and over again.