Inside eXieCloud


At one point, here at eXie, we mainly showed people what we planned to do.

But when we found out at eXie what some people planned to do with us, it looked like they were going to be busier than we are.

It’s clear that almost everyone intends to bring something to eXie that they are already trying to work out, but that they need to do better.

Of course, we have one or two ideas about what “better” means. But the best way we can help you use us is to be sure you find out about whatever we are learning from everyone else about what “better” is.

Inside eXieCloud, we’re pulling together content to describe, compare and share examples and ideas by eXie users who are showing us and each other what is better.

eXie Social Network

You’ll find this eXie community catalog on a launch page to to use for going directly to our events, blog, library and the shared user info on all “How To” matters. As with any eXie frame, the labelled cells will take you to the curated material that shares the common idea shown by that cell.

The content you find here will always reflect what users are seeing works better when they use eXie to take their frame of mind and make it the frame of reference for cataloging and sharing content.

In fact, making your own catalog of this same kind is just one example of a way to start personalizing eXie, bringing your content collection to work better for other people as well as for yourself — easily, right away, and increasingly for any future reference.

Click or tap the image to get an invitation sent to you to start and share free access with a pass to get Inside eXieCloud. See what others are doing, find out how how they do it, and show your own ideas and uses to anyone else, or everyone, as you like.