Ten Reasons Your Tags Become Big Trouble

Tags are something that started to make up for what happened when we got so dependent on Search. With search we kept finding things that are non-specific or out of context. We tried to avoid that by adding tags.

We don’t often think of them as something that also needs to be managed, until it’s too late.

You can keep using tags, of course. But here are ten things about tags that won’t be happening to you in eXie. Where these potential issues with tags get to be really hard to handle is when there are several of them happening at the same time:

  • Tag simply repeats item names that other items were given
  • Same tag means too many different things to different people
  • Different tags are too similar
  • Same tag means different things in different categories
  • Same tag may mean different things with different content
  • Tag is too specific and gets forgotten from infrequent use
  • Too many tags simply repeat category labels
  • Some tags describe actual content, but others don’t and only describe related thoughts
  • Tags that are still there work even when obsolete
  • Simply too many tags

One way to unravel tag confusion is to start moving your content into frames. As an example of of how you have thought about things, tags do give you a head start on picking subjects, themes and topics for your eXie frames in a transitional way (not abruptly) — bringing a new level of consistent organization to your items. For example, a good tag is typically a candidate as a topic, where a good category is a candidate as a theme. It’s a good approach by which to get started.